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MK Software is the developer of DocuFire for Windows, the industry standard and leading solution for faxing and emailing documents from accounting systems.

Founded in 1998, MK Software is focused on delivering the Paperless Office solution for businesses. DocuFire features flexible packaging options that are affordable and guarantee a perfect fit for any business size or budget.

In 2004, DocuFire developed a virtual printing system called VirtuPrint that transformed the way businesses can export reports easily to digital format and send utilizing the address book information already located in the users accounting / ERP database. DocuFire can adapt to any existing business forms printing technology, meaning businesses make almost NO changes to start using DocuFire. Users adapt instantly to the way DocuFire works because all they do is redirect their printing to the DocuFire VirtuPrint printer. The DocuFire interface is intuitive like an email sending form and minimal users training is required. Never has a 3rd party program been so easy to integrate and use with an accounting system!

DocuFire® is a registered trademark of MK Software Inc. VirtuPrint, The Digital Office, MK Software are trademarks of MK Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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