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Fax and email for distrib-u-tec, a division of InterSect Business Systems

DocuFire is the easiest way to Fax and Email distrib-u-tec's Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Order Confirmations, Purchase Orders and more, right from your desktop.

DocuFire for Windows is a fully integrated Forms Automation solution for distrib-u-tec's that links directly to the distrib-u-tec's Customer and Vendor Masters for forms routing.  Because DocuFire links directly to your distrib-u-tec's database, you can get it working right away, with no messy setup.

DocuFire will save you time, money, and eliminate mistakes.  Customer service and logistics will improve resulting in increased productivity and profitability, DocuFire is the smart choice.

To get it going, simply print your Distrib-u-tec forms to the "DocuFire Printer" installed on the workstation and that's it.  DocuFire includes built-in support for the following forms.

Order Confirmations
Purchase Orders

What about my Custom Programming Modifications? Not an issue, DocuFire runs completely external of your Distrib-u-tec environment and uses a standard OLEDB connection to your Visual FoxPro database.

Will it handle my customized forms? No problem, DocuFire adapts to ANY custom report modifications.

What happens when I upgrade distrib-u-tec's? Nothing typically, DocuFire uses a database connection to the Customer and Vendor masters and those basic tables and fields rarely ever change.  For the future Microsoft SQL, DocuFire will simply publish a revised connector.

Does the distrib-u-tec Connector cost extra? No, everything is included.

distrib-u-tec™ is a trademark of InterSect Business Systems Inc.

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