Credit Card Express

DocuFire is a powerful solution to fully automate your Credit Card Processing and Accounts Receivables collections.
Fully integrated with your ERP system, DocuFire's PCI compliant solution will eliminate your payment collections headaches, all without requiring any modifications to your core ERP system.


Safely store credit cards off site (tokenized) for recurring charges, schedule payments or email invoices that your customers can pay online.
Say goodbye to logging into payment portals, copying and pasting data, manually re-entering data over and over. DocuFire eliminates mistakes and all those headaches with the objective to have you enter data only once saving time and money.
DocuFire is tightly integrated with your accounting / ERP system and's payment Gateway. Sensitive cardholder data is stored off-site via PCI Certified facility eliminating your PCI exposure.
And even better, the DocuFire CCX solution is not linked to your merchant processor meaning you have the choice of any tier one Credit Card Processors such as Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, Elavon, First Data, WorldPay, Heartland, TSYS and more... Find a better rate and change processor at any time without affecting your solution.
Click HERE for an updated listing of supported processors for USA and Canada.

Basic Overview

The DocuFire CCX process begins with printing your document(s) to DocuFire's intelligent VirtuPrint printer driver "DocuFire Printer" instead of your usual HP/Xerox printer. Documents include;
  • Order Confirmations (Pre-Authorization) LEARN MORE
  • Invoices
  • Account Statements (with invoices)
DocuFire then queries your Accounting System for the document Terms Code and also the Order or Invoice balance. The Document Terms Code instructs DocuFire how to handle the item(s), options are;
  • Online Payment
  • Charge the Invoice Now
  • Schedule the Invoice for payment at a later date (Month End, Due Date and more).
  • Don't Pay
Items that are not immediately charged can easily be processed after-the-fact through DocuFire. The On Account items allows you to easily select one or more invoices and credits and charge using a card or E-Check on file.
Once the payment is processed (Either online or on premises) DocuFire Data Import Express will automatically apply and post the AR Cash Receipt to your Accounting system and send your Customer a payment receipt.

Key Features Overview

  • Automatically charge recurring Invoices by Credit Card with no user intervention required
  • Automatically applies a conspicuous PAID STAMP to invoices eliminating double payments and customer confusion
  • Automatically sends separate payment receipt document with invoice delivery detailing items paid and transaction details
  • Automatically tokenizes Cardholder data off-site to PCI certified facility eliminating your exposure to liability (neither you or our software will be storing cardholder data)
  • Automatically triggers charges based on document Terms Codes or Customer Profile settings
  • Automatically import payment data to your ERP system either in real-time (per transaction) or batch
  • Automatically integrates with several main-stream Payment Processors such as Chase, WorldPay, Global, Elavon, First Data, TSYS and Heartland; This ensures competitive rates as the solution is not tied to the processor
  • Automatically integrate an unlimited number of processor accounts concurrently, either for multiple accounts per company and/or multiple company installations in all currencies (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD)
  • Automatically supported in multiple countries including USA, Canada, UK, EURO, Australia, New Zealand.

Flexible Payment Schedules

  • Pre-authorize by Sales Order Confirmation
  • Charge by Invoice / Batch
  • Charge Invoice on Due Date
  • Batch Payments Daily
  • Batch Payments Weekly
  • Batch Payments Monthly
  • Batch Payments Bi-Monthly
  • Batch Payments Month-End

Improve Cash flow
Credit Card Payments provide assurance that funds will be collected and deposited to your bank automatically.

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