Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

Are your Credit Card Merchant fees out of control?

Wanting to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket?

Accepting payments online can cost your business hundreds, if not thousands per month and DocuFire CCX now offers a solution to recover your costs by passing a Technology Fee to your payment transactions.


  • Choose your Technology Fee percentage for example; 1.5% or 2.5% or 3%, your choice.


  • Technology Fees are setup and controlled by your ERP / Accounting Systems Terms Codes. Implementing the Technology Fee per your Terms Codes or Pay Codes allows you to control the process and it is NOT an all-or-nothing solution. For example; you can easily implement a Net 30 Terms Code for some customers with the Technology Fee and for others you can implement a Net 30 Terms Code without.


  • Current Invoices vs Past Due Invoices. Nothing worse than customers paying late and then using their credit card for payment. DocuFire allows you to specify a Technology Fee percentage for Current Invoices (Could be zero) and a different Technology Fee percentage for Past Due Invoices. DocuFire on premises processing can also override this fee allowing you to waive the charges when required.


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