Document Delivery Express for ERP

Effortlessly email, fax and mail Invoices, statements, orders, remittances and more from your Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, AccountMate, SAP, QuickBooks accounting system.

DocuFire will streamline communications with Customers, Vendors, Reps, Employees or Prospects and that’s key to keeping your costs in check and eliminating routine mistakes.

DocuFire allows you to get documents through to the right people exactly how they want it delivering precise and concise communications by Email, Fax and Mailing.

Our latest integration to QuikPost Mailing Service enables you to mail any documents with the click of your mouse. Your documents are printed in our mail center and delivered to the local Post Office.

Outsource all aspects of your document delivery and eliminate all your headaches.

Flexible Delivery and Workflow options for grouping and contact management give you full control and automation of distribution and delivery of your documents.

Email, Fax and Mailing solution for your Accounting / ERP system;
  • Invoices & Statements,
  • Quotes & Order Confirmations,
  • Purchase Orders,
  • A/P and Payroll EFT Remittance,
  • Direct Marketing and more...

Easy to Implement
Today you print your invoices to your laser printer, tomorrow you print your invoices to DocuFire VirtuPrint Printer. Then the documents electronic addressing is read directly from your ERP database system. It is that easy.

After a simple setup, DocuFire is fully integrated with your accounting database and your Microsoft Windows Active Directory network. No modifications are required for your Accounting/ERP system and we use your existing business forms as-is making implementation a snap.

Contact us to arrange an online webinar or free 30 day trial.

Powerful Features
Our on-premises solution is designed for the Enterprise, yet made affordable for small business. DocuFire includes many advanced features that go beyond the capabilities of conventional 'built-in' document messaging 'solutions'. With DocuFire you will be able to;
  • Centrally control the entire email, fax and print management for your entire organization
  • Create unlimited Distribution Lists by Customer/Vendor/Rep/Employee & Document Type
  • Attach all outstanding invoice copies with Account Statements
  • Group multiple documents by account, just to name a few

Save Time and Money
Say goodbye to postage, envelopes, paper, toner, labor, boardroom envelope stuffing sessions, standing at the fax machine, having to pick the same address repeatedly. DocuFire eliminates all those headaches with the objective to have you enter data only once. Information is centralized and processes are automated.

Improve Cash flow
Emailing or faxing Invoices and Statements facilitates your Accounts Receivable collections efforts. Sending Outstanding Invoice copies with Overdue Account Statements will cut your Days Sales Outstanding fast.
Look smart Save money Help the environment. Try it FREE for 30 days and see for yourself!

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