DocuFire Features

DocuFire includes hundreds of features that have been implemented over the past two decades of research and development. Too many to list however the following DocuFire features are most popular and common across all ERP systems.

Central Management
DocuFire is implemented as a server-centric solution meaning that all IT administration is managed on one central DocuFire Server. DocuFire utilizes SQL Server for its data storage and runs on all Windows operating systems and terminal server environments running DotNet 4.x.

8 Level System Configuration
DocuFire unique tree view system manager design allows for 8 levels of system customization allowing you to achieve any level of configuration requirement across System, Users, Documents and Companies.

Document Grouping
When processing a batch of documents such as Invoices, DocuFire can automatically combine multiple documents for the same customer / recipient into a single message (be it email, fax or for mailing). For email messages, the documents can be combined into a single multi-page PDF or burst into individual PDF attachments for each document. In addition the listing of documents is also included in the message body. Grouping options can be defaulted at the system configuration and also customized on a customer / document basis as required.

Distribution Lists
Occasionally when you need the document sent to multiple destinations, DocuFire allows you to setup a distribution list for as many output selections as you require ensuring the documents get to the right people. In addition, DocuFire supports multiple email addresses entered in your ERP system separated by comma, colon or semi colon.

Cloud Faxing
DocuFire offers a fully integrated hosted faxing service allowing for seamless integration of outbound faxing of documents. DocuFire tracks the status of the faxes in real-time and once a delivery confirmation is received the job moves from the Outbox to Sent items. If the job fails, the user is notified with an email and can resend the document from the Outbox by any method. Plans can be obtained from 400 pages per month, 800, 2000 and more.

Windows Active Directory Integration
DocuFire User Management is integrated with your Windows Active Directory environment making user management easy and seamless. User setting are automatically invoked by the users login making for flexible and easy management of settings.

Sender Aliases
How documents are sent can be as important as who they are going to. DocuFire allows you to setup the sender as the Windows User or a specific alias such as

Message Templates
DocuFire offers feature rich message templates allowing you insert variable information into the message subject and body. Multiple templates can be created and used at run-time allowing for simple selection of canned messages, return instructions, etc. The templates also adapt to user information and all messages leaving your network are consistent and professional looking.

Shared Mailbox View
DocuFire allows you to control who can see what messages in the Outbox and Sent items. By default users can only see their own documents however the system can be configured allowing your team to work better and share information. One of the key limitations of MAPI and other built-in emailing solutions.

Terms Attachments
A static attachment can be included with all outbound messages such as a Terms and Conditions sheet or any promotional material you may want to include with outgoing messages.

Document Attachments
This feature allows you to import scanned collateral that is to be attached to a primary document such as Work Orders, signed delivery slips, etc.. Simply name the file to reference a value that links to the primary document and dozens even hundreds of images can be imported in a single pass and then included as page 2 of the primary document when it is sent.

Message Attachments
In the message preview, DocuFire allows you to add a user selected attachment for that job in MS Word, Excel or PDF format. For example a brochure, price list, etc.

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