Fast and Easy Integration

Installs in minutes and easy to use
DocuFire setup is straightforward with a simple wizard that sets it up for you. And, if users are familiar with sending email messages they can use DocuFire just the same way. Messages are formatted in a fully automatic, accurate and professional manner.

DocuFire uses your accounting database as the primary address book for business correspondence. Imagine how simple life will be when you only have one address book to manage for your whole organization.

Contact names, including email addresses and fax numbers for all forms like Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, Statements, Purchase Orders, and more are dynamically retrieved from your database.

Works with any Customized Forms
DocuFire automatically adapts to your existing accounting forms exactly as they are. You can even have several document formats for the same form making deployment effortless.

Integrated Communications System
DocuFire features a fully integrated Email, Fax and Printing system. All communications including printing are handled by the DocuFire Server. DocuFire gives you the convenience of being able to setup everything on only one machine and total control over how functionality is deployed across the network.

Simple User Interface
DocuFire Workstation operates much like Outlook with Outbox and Sent Items in a consolidated view showing all fax, email and print jobs. DocuFire makes it easy to track everything all in one place.

How does DocuFire Work?
DocuFire interfaces to your accounting system using a virtual Windows Printer that is installed on your Workstation PCs, like "DocuFire Printer". The DocuFire Printer converts your print jobs to digital format and dynamically retrieves the addressing from your accounting system. The jobs are then routed by fax, email and printer.

How does DocuFire link to my Accounting System?
DocuFire includes data Connectors for many accounting systems. The Connectors link to the accounting database using the method best established by the vendor including; ODBC, OLEDB,and Com, XML, and dot net APIs.

You simply pick your accounting system from the list and configure the data access. No Importing or Exporting is done and the integration is always in real-time!

Multi-user Support
DocuFire supports multiple user installations and integrates with your Windows Network User Accounts making deployment easy and automatic.

Centralized Design
The DocuFire Server System Manager handles all the back-end settings for documents, companies, address-book connectors, fax services, smtp, printing, archiving, data integration settings and more.

The Server design features a logical hierarchy of configuration settings with inheritance capabilities throughout the design. This makes DocuFire easy to setup and manage reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly.

Custom Database Connectors
DocuFire can build connectors to any database, let us know your requirements and our customization service can help you. If your connector is not listed under the Accounting Software Integration (left pane), click here to contact us about having a connector made for your commercial accounting system or custom application.

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