Invoice Processing

Sending Invoices to Customers has never been easier. Whether you use the DocuFire encrypted email service or basic PDF email delivery, we have the solution for your business.

Contact Management
DocuFire will use the primary Billing contact from your ERP system. If required, DocuFire can be customized to retrieve the Ship-to contact or other document based contact information.

Document Handling
DocuFire automatically combines invoices by Customer / Recipient and sends one email correspondence, fax or print job allowing for consolidated mailing. Preferences to achieve any combination of grouping and Portal use can be configured at the system configuration and/or individual Customer & Document preferences.

Payment Processing
DocuFire Credit Card Express allows you to securely store credit card information on file and automatically charge the invoices as they are processed using the invoice terms code to trigger the process. Alternatively when using the DocuFire Portal you can allow the user the ability to pay online directly to your merchant account.

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