What's new in the latest release

DocuFire 2024 Installation

This installation of DocuFire is a Major Upgrade from version 5.xx.
  • Only Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 and later operating systems are supported.
  • Installation requires .net framework 4.72 or later, this may require a reboot of Server and Workstations.
  • New DocuFire Workstation runs as a network application simplifying ongoing upgrades.
To upgrade your DocuFire installation follow these steps;
Install the Upgrade on the Server only (Click Install Now when prompted), this will download the Setup package and run the software upgrade and complete the Server Setup Wizard, this will run any database Upgrades, etc.
If you are upgrading from 6.xx you do not need to upgrade the DocuFire Workstation.
If upgrading from 5.x follow these steps.
Log on to your PC or Terminal Server with Admin rights and launch DocuFire Workstation, it will prompt you to Upgrade, click Next a few times and you are done. If you experience issue upgrading the workstation, browse to the DocuFire deployment share (\\docufireserver\dfwks) and run the setup.exe from this share and you will be prompted to upgrade.

What's New in the Latest DocuFire Release

DocuFire 2024, 6.00.502 (Apr 09, 2024)
  • Upload scheduled payments to Portal
  • Automatic Update Service switched to use https
  • Bugfix - Purge Delivery Errors
  • Bugfix - Requeue payments on startup
DocuFire 2024, 6.00.501 (Mar 12, 2024)
  • New function to automatically purge SMTP Delivery Errors after XX days

Important Update for Users running the DocuFire CCX Payments platform.

  • DocuFire Workstation now uses the same payment profiles as online Portal
  • Portal Users can now delete payment profiles (credit cards)
  • Portal Users can now set their preferred Default payment profile (credit card)
  • Portal Users can now manage the payment receipt recipient email address for each payment method
DocuFire 2023, 6.00.413 (Oct 19, 2023)
  • Pre-Authorize Online added to CCX Payment Solution
  • New Feature to remove zero balance Invoices from DocuFire Worksheet
  • Portal no longer shows duplicate document records for all transactional modules (Quotes, Orders, etc.)
  • Expanded Dynamics 365FO integration supports the use of DocuFire Contact Type for Email
  • Bugfix - Sent items throws error when loading
  • Improved Purge Routine
  • Expired Pre-authorization will automatically revert to “Charge Invoice"
DocuFire 2023, 6.00.407 (July 25, 2023)
  • Option to disable online payment for Past Due invoices
  • Payment Profile creation sets profile to Default and same for all Customer records with a single payment profile
  • Updates to payment profile editor
  • Payment Profile logging and access control added to online Portal
DocuFire 2023, 6.00.405 (May 17, 2023)
  • Payment Supervisor permission set for all users if Enterprise Mode is disabled
  • Support for DocuFire Payment Posting SDK
  • Delete inactive users as part of the nightly maintenance routine
DocuFire 2023, 6.00.403 (March 31, 2023)
  • DocuFire updated to support recording the Convenience Fee distribution against the line items
  • AccountMate payment posting updated to post finance charge if convenience fee has been charged for the invoice
DocuFire 2022, 6.00.402 (Nov 18, 2022)
  • Bugfix: Important update for Microsoft D365FO, AccountMate users
  • Duplicate Payment Check between Local payment and Online
  • Convenience Fee renamed to Technology Fee
DocuFire 2022, 6.00.400 (June 17, 2022)
  • License related data stored in the file system moved to registry
  • Support for charging Convenience Fee for online payments
  • Terms Code Editor - Allow edit payment action if it is DoNotPay or PayOnline
  • Upgraded SMTP emailing components
  • Use DocuFure Sender (Return-Path) if using DocuFire SMTP server
  • Mobile no. field added to the user profile
  • Updates to TermsCodes list form and Sync Terms invoices results
  • Bug Fixes
DocuFire 2022, 6.00.313 (Dec 31, 2021)
  • Bug Fixes
DocuFire 2021, 6.00.311 (Sept 24, 2021)
  • New PDF format includes text content
  • New purge feature to remove adjustment transactions
  • General purge feature improved to not purge open Invoices
  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Various bug-fixes for Payment system


DocuFire 2021, 6.00.304 (Mar 23, 2021)
  • New SMS Text message functionality added to DocuFire (Requires DocuFire Online Portal)
  • New integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (AX7)
  • Various bug-fixes for Branch and Language functionality
  • New CCX %PayOnline% variable notifies the recipient if the items can be paid online. (Invoices can be paid online by Credit Card.) We recommend to update this as required to indicate perhaps accepted credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and also if you accept ACH eChecks. The new variables can be edited in the Document Variables section in DocuFire Server Manager.
  • New Customer and Document Manager user interface
  • Email CC removed from routing as all emails are sent to individual recipients. Existing routing members set to CC will be ported to Email.
  • Revised CCX Payment Queue handling allows greater flexibility to handle declines, expired cards, etc.

DocuFire 2021, 6.00.219 (Oct 20, 2020)
  • New DocuFire Online Document and Payment Portal features new Responsive design (mobile)
  • New URL incorporates your company name for landing URL, for example; https://yourcompany.docufire.com
  • All documents can now be uploaded to the Portal including Orders, EFT, Statements, etc.
  • Attach Invoices with Statements updates Portal with any missing invoices
  • New Due Date Schedule Implementation allows great flexibility in setting Invoice Due Date
  • Terms Code Manager will update all Invoice History with any changes to Due Date settings
  • New method to upload missing Images to Portal
  • Database performance improvements
  • Direct Marketing includes List-Unsubscribe to email header
DocuFire from version 5.40.173 and later requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.72 to be installed on all machines. This upgrade can be installed via Windows Updates or by following the link below.

NOTE that this update will require a reboot of the computer and also note that this version of .net framework no longer supports Windows Server 2008 and 2008 SBS, only Server 2008 R2 and later are supported.
Outsource your mailing with QuikPost mailing service
Now you can eliminate all your mailing headaches by subscribing to QuikPost mailing service. This revolutionary service can print both envelopes and contents in full color from a DocuFire generated document. The service requires no minimum volume to use and is ideally suited to companies sending 1-20,000 mail pieces per month. For more information, contact sales.desk@docufire.com

New DocuFire Workstation Network Client
One of the most significant changes in this release is that the DocuFire Workstation is now being deployed as a network application and run from a UNC path. The DocuFire Server will share the program folder as DocuFireApp$.  This new DocuFire Workstation deployment method will eliminate the need to constantly upgrade client workstations when the DocuFire Server is upgraded.
For networks that deploy Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, you may receive a prompt to run the program from the network. You will only see this once per computer/user combination as DocuFire adds a registry entry to allow it subsequently. If you want to mitigate this in advance you will need to add the DocuFire Server name to the "Local intranet” Sites. It will appear as file://servername. This can be done via Control Panel / Internet Properties / Security or via a Group Policy deployment.

DocuFire® DDX™ – Document Delivery Express™

Online Document Portal - Email Delivery Confirmations
This new method to send documents basically replaces the attachment of a PDF with a unique hyper-link to retrieve the document. This unique hyper-link (Collection String) directs the recipient to the DocuFire Online Documents Portal to obtain their document(s). The recipient can then view one or more documents and this activity is tracked and report back to the Sent Items of the DocuFire system indicating that the user read and/or downloaded the document. (The recipient can also pay invoices if Credit Card Processing feature is enabled, see DocuFire CCX Online Payment Portal for more info).
The DocuFire Workstation will show a Single Check-mark upon the user reading the message and double check-mark if the use has downloaded all documents in the message collection.
When accessing the Portal, the recipient can also see the read status of all other recipients of that message.
The DocuFire Server polls the cloud portal every few minutes to update the read notifications.
The DocuFire Workstation includes new filters to view unread messages.
The Document Portal does not require a login and usage is included with the base DocuFire Subscription License.

Enhanced Email Validation
In addition to basic string validation of an email address, DocuFire now goes a step further to validate the domain of the email recipient before allowing the email to be sent. Thus avoiding bounces before sending. This is included for all users.

New Email Message Delivery Format
To improve email delivery read confirmation accuracy and email bounce management, DocuFire now separates all outbound emails into individual email messages.
This feature also includes a new %Recipients% variable that will insert ALL the Recipients of the message regardless of Email/Fax/Post Office into the message body. This new variable will be added to the end of all text-based message template message bodies during the upgrade, see example below;
This message has been sent to the following recipients:
You can then adjust this setting as required.
For example;
This message has been sent to the following recipients:
Janice Smith jsmith@xyz.com
Tom Jones tjones@xyz.com
Mike Adams (fax: 478-555-1212)

Email Bounce Management
Users subscribing to DocuFire SMTP Relay service will have the ability to resend jobs that bounce right from the DocuFire Workstation. A new folder called "Delivery Errors” will include the failed messages allowing the operator to conveniently investigate each issue and resend the document by another method.
For high volume customers, this enables for the use of a noreply@xyz.com sender alias email (that goes to a dead-end or un-monitored mailbox) while also managing the actual bounced messages eliminating the nuisance of sifting through countless and ongoing out-of-office replies and dealing with the hard bounces efficiently. Instructions to the recipient to contact an alternate email address can be easily inserted in the message body, such as accounting@xyz.com.
Note that a bounces message may take up to 10 minutes to appear in DocuFire Workstation Delivery Errors folder.
Failed fax jobs are also moved from the Outbox to Delivery Errors.

Branch Office Support
The system now has the capability of setting sender alias and QuikPost return address based on a Branch property within your ERP Customer file. This will allow for a return address that can be directed to a relevant party at your organization.
In addition, the Branch feature allows creation and management of Message Templates per branch. Advertising New Features or change of address, etc. Giving you full control of how you deal with each location.

Language Support
Language support allows you to customize Sender Aliases, Message Templates and Message Variables based on your customers preferred language settings in your ERP.
Communicating with your French or Spanish customers’ in their preferred language will make you look professional and accommodate your clients needs.
This feature can also be used is to manage customer types (such as; Dealers and End Users). Invoice messages can be differentiated based on the customer type, one message for end users and another message for dealers for example.

Forms Printers no longer required
Some ERP systems such Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics D365FO, Sage Pro, QuickBooks and users of SSRS generate a printed document name that does not allow for DocuFire to accurately identify what is being printed and thus required the implementation of Forms Printers (DocuFire Invoice Printer, DocuFire Statement Printer, etc).  This requirement can be now eliminated by the insertion of a text variable on your report that includes the name of the module. See mappings below;


You can insert this value anywhere on the report and you can also change the font to white to make it not visible to the recipient.

DocuFire® CCX™ – Credit Card Express™

Terms Code Driven Payment Management
DocuFire now includes the ability to use Terms Codes to trigger all Payment Schedules. The Default Payment Schedule in DocuFire Workstation Customer Manager will be "Use Terms Code”.

Here are some examples of how Terms Codes can be used;
Due Upon Receipt (Pay Invoice Online)
Credit Card (Charge Invoice / Pre-Authorize Sales Order Confirmation)
NET30CC (Charge Card on Due Date (30 Days for example))
NET60CC (Charge Card on Due Date (60 Days for example))
ACH/EFT (Do Not Charge (or allow online payment))
Monthly (Charge Card on month end)

This new feature allows your ERP system to control all payment actions.

Pre-Authorization Confirmation
The new method for Pre-Authorizing a credit card will force the user to Confirm the amount and at the same time allow them to adjust whatever Pre-Authorization amount they require for the transaction.

Online Payment Portal - Pay Invoices Online
User of DocuFire CCX can now enable "Pay Online” as a new Payment Schedule. This feature will automatically enable the DocuFire Document Portal feature for Online Payments with your Authorize.net gateway account.
The email message to the Recipient will include a unique hyper-link (similar to Document Portal) and the user can pay the invoice(s) by credit card or ACH E-check (USA Only). The use of this feature does not make the use of the DocuFire Online Document Portal mandatory, you can continue to send the PDF attachment of the invoice, however the user will have an option to pay online via the hyper-link.
The online payment form uses Authorize.net’s hosted payment forms and thus no PCI issues for DocuFire or your business.
The Pay Online option is also integrated with the Account Statement / Attach Invoices Copies feature and Active Statements (see further down for more details). Now sending the customer the Statements, recipients not only have all their invoices to peruse, they can pay one or more or all online.


Posting CCX Cash Receipts to ERP
Automatic posting of Cash Receipts is available for Select ERP Systems. See supported system below, more on the way…

AccountMate SQL (All Versions)
Posting to AccountMate applies payments against any combination of individual and multiple invoices and/or credits. The payment receipt is generated using the transaction number from AccountMate allowing you to easily locate the entry.

Sage 300 ERP (All Versions)
Posting to Sage 300 ERP is handled by the Sage 300 SDK and handles the complete distribution of a single payment for multiple invoices and credit note combinations. The payment receipt is generated using the transaction number from Sage 300 allowing you to easily locate the entry.

Automated Invoice AR Balance Adjustments with DocuFire CCX and Portal
The DocuFire Server will run an hourly synchronization of the Invoices AR Balances between the DocuFire Payment System and your ERP system to ensure invoices cannot be double-paid. The scheduler runs every hour weekdays from 6AM to 8PM. This way customers will see an accurate balance due status of their invoices.


This synchronization can also be invoked manually at any time from the DocuFire Workstation, simply select your Company and click the [Sync AR] button. In addition, when the Customer Manager is opened. This feature is available to all Users.

Save Money with ACH E-Check Payments (US Customers)
Why pay 4X times more to process a credit card when E-Checks are only 0.75% transaction fee. Now DocuFire CCX users can add banking information to DocuFire Payment Profiles and automatically pull funds from customers bank account rather than using credit cards. In addition, recipients can also pay invoices online using their banking info via the Online Payment Portal.
Customer wishing to use this feature must first enable it via their Authorize.net gateway account, inform DocuFire that the feature is enabled and we will enable it.

Active Statements
Printing an Account Statements job can automatically populate the DocuFire Online Portal with all open Invoices in a single step. This works regardless of whether the Invoice was originally processed through DocuFire or not. Customers can then pay anything on the statement.
DocuFire 2018, 5.40.168 (Feb 26, 2018)

Credit Card Processing - Initial launch of Click-2-pay allowing customers to pay invoices online with their credit card. Via Authorize.net
New DocuFire Portal and read confirmations. Documents can be sent with hyper-link to our portal and track what documents are read.
Sent Items - Added filters for company, document, read status and job type.
Sent Items - Support to view the transmitted image file for fax/post/print jobs.
Sent Items - Viewer for email message showing message subject, body, document pdf and portal activity logs.
Sent Items - Display the current view filter - Own/All Users/Other.
Payments - Copy sender on payment receipt emailed by default.
Append route designation to the subject line for route copies.
Currency symbol substitution in DocuFire worksheet and message body.
User Interface updates to Outbox/Sent Items.
Added SAP B1 and Spire connector.
Revised QuickBooks Connector with improved performance.

DocuFire 2017, 5.40.160 (Feb 16, 2017)
Added comma and colon delimiter support for multiple email addresses
Update to support accent characters
Added %Date% variable to message template
Improved UI for managing printers in Server Manager
Several bugfixes

DocuFire 2016, 5.40.157 (Sept 14, 2016)
Added new Mail Merge Module
Updates to Encryption technology
Fix to application server mode for Sage X3
Updated Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Connector
New Microsoft Dynamics GP Connector using shipping contact for Quotes and Orders

DocuFire 2016, 5.40.156 (Aug 3, 2016)
Implemented Service Accounts for DocuFire Services eliminating password issues
Bug fix attaching PDF with Adobe enhanced security
New Rep Invoices and Rep Orders module added for some ERP
Eliminated DocuFire Attachment Printer from Workstation installation
Implemented leading padding spaces or 0000 for AccountMate and BusinessVision
Various Bug Fixes and UI improvements

DocuFire 2016, 5.40.145 (Jan 19, 2016)
Significant performance improvement when submitting large batch jobs
Bug fix when distribution list exceeds 16 recipients, now allows 50+
Other bug fixes

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