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DocuFire is the leading solution to Email and Fax Dynamics SL Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Orders, PO's, AP/HR Remittance Notices, Direct Marketing, Sales Rep documents, and more...

DocuFire leads the SL forms automation and communications market with most features and lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Discover why the world's leading corporations are choosing DocuFire to handle their mission critical communications from Dynamics SL, below is the short-list;
  • Fastest implementation time (Typically under one hour)
  • Fastest address deployment (Uses your existing Dynamics SL Contacts)
  • Fastest output deployment (Automatically sets output using policy based routing)
  • Fastest forms integration (Uses your existing Dynamics SL Forms and Workflow)
  • Safest accounting integration (Runs outside of Dynamics SL, read-only SQL access)
  • Fastest Email deployment (Built-in DocuFire SMTP Server, NO MAPI whatsoever)
  • Fastest Fax deployment (Built-in DocuFire Internet Fax Service, no hardware)
  • Easiest to use (Familiar email style user interface, Outlook, etc.)
  • Easiest user management (Integrated with Windows Active Directory User Accounts)
  • Easiest Enterprise management (Centralized operation, 8 levels of customization)
  • Latest technology (Uses MS SQL and latest Microsoft Dot Net development)
DocuFire includes support for the following SL modules.
  • Invoicing
  • Statements
  • Quotes
  • Sales Order / Order Confirmations
  • Purchase Orders
  • Vendor: A/P Remittance Advice Details
  • Employee: Payroll Remittance Advice Details
  • Sales Rep: Sales Rep Module
  • Direct Marketing (Email and Fax)


DocuFire Advantage - Fastest address deployment (Uses your existing Dynamics SL Contacts)

DocuFire uses Dynamics SL Customer,Vendor, Employee and Salesperson Cards, and SL's existing Contact Management system for primary addressing.

Using existing contact addressing and having that managed in a single and central place is the objective for DocuFire's contact management design, enter data only once. With DocuFire, you don't need to setup additional addressing for each Account and Document, we handle it automatically (see the next advantage for more information).

  • Other Email/Fax solutions force you to setup and maintain separate document addressing for each account / document, thereby significantly increasing work and your Total Cost of Ownership.
  • DocuFire defaults to the existing SL contacts assigned to all Cards.

DocuFire minimizes your Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating up 95 percent of added contact management required by alternatives, imagine the hundreds of hours and mistakes you will eliminate over time, we make it easy!

DocuFire Advantage - Fastest output deployment (Automatically sets Output, uses policy based routing)

DocuFire works with the existing Dynamics SL contacts and can set the email, fax, or post output for each account / document automatically.

We call this DocuFire ADMS (Automatic Delivery Method Selection), a policy based output routing method that allows you to preset an Output Preference Order for sending documents. This technique eliminates most of the initial setup for document addressing and allows you to deploy a simple organizational communications policy. DocuFire automatically adapts to SL contact data.

DocuFire's ADMS routing architecture eliminates the cost of ownership associated with other solutions that use a static architecture to store document output addressing. Documents can be automatically routed for the vast majority of your customers, vendors, employees and Sales Reps, this means DocuFire can be up and running in just minutes vs. days, weeks or months. Setting up a thousand (1,000) customers using SL or other solutions could take up to 100 hours to complete whereas DocuFire will save you most of that setup time.

Note, DocuFire can also be configured to bypass automatic routing and preset the output by account / document. In addition, Distribution lists can be created for an unlimited number of recipients per document and by any combination of email, fax and post.

DocuFire will get you up and running fast and your electronic communication initiative will succeed.

DocuFire Advantage - Fastest forms integration (Uses your existing Dynamics SL Forms and Workflow)

DocuFire adapts to your existing custom business forms automatically.

It is really that simple, no change required, just print your existing forms to the DocuFire VirtuPrint printer and it works.

  • DocuFire virtual printers deploy elegantly with SL Printer sub-system allowing you the flexibility to selectively configure your forms output to DocuFire VirtuPrint devices and seamlessly adapts to the existing SL printing Workflow.
  • DocuFire supports any reporting or forms printing technology from SL, Report Writer, SQL Reporting, Crystal Reports, anything!
  • Some forms automation systems force you to deploy several more technologies to implement, troubleshooting and maintain increasing your Total Cost of Ownership.
  • The built-in SL report generation technology is reliable and proven and supported by Microsoft.
DocuFire works with your existing SL forms, right out of the box, what could be simpler?

DocuFire Advantage - Safest accounting integration (Runs outside of Dynamics SL, read-only SQL access)

DocuFire is a zero footprint implementation meaning that the entire DocuFire solution exists outside of your SL environment and does not modify your Dynamics SL program or database in any way.

  • DocuFire data access to SL data is read-only and this means a safe, effortless and reliable implementation. SL Contact management control is maintained through SL security and
  • Upgrades to your Dynamics SL system will never be an issue using DocuFire because of the simple way in which DocuFire interfaces with SL data. Our existing DocuFire Dynamics SL interface works seamlessly with all SQL versions running on SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008.
  • Installing third party applications that alter your SL environment compromises the stability of SL and potentially complicates upgrades to new releases.
DocuFire's integration to Dynamics SL is safe and effortless.

DocuFire Advantage -Fastest Email deployment (Built-in DocuFire SMTP Server, NO MAPI whatsoever)

All DocuFire email messages are routed through the central DocuFire Server SMTP Engine interface. DocuFire simplifies messaging deployment immensely vs. MAPI and minimized the Total Cost of Ownership.

MAPI is an email technology enables a program to push an email message to a desktop email client such as Outlook, or Outlook Express. MAPI is buggy, difficult and labor intensive to implement and utilized by most other messaging solutions. IT personnel will appreciate DocuFire's centralized SMTP email messaging interface.
  • DocuFire SMTP Engine will relay email through your existing Exchange, Lotus Notes or ISP SMTP server seamlessly adhering to your organizations anti-virus scanning policy, SPF setup, etc.
  • DocuFire simplifies the implementation of Sender Aliases such as ABC Customer Service "". This can be a complex undertaking using MAPI profiles and takes just seconds with a simple DocuFire Server preference setting.
  • DocuFire stores all outbox and sent items in a central message repository where-as MAPI based emailing solutions are limited in that outbox and sent items are only stored in the user email client. In addition, the DocuFire message repository tracks all Email, Fax, Post and Print jobs.
  • Troubleshooting MAPI, no problem Microsoft offers seminars for this topic, and thousands of troubleshooting articles and forums are available on the internet.
DocuFire's built-in emailing technology makes deployment effortless and eliminates 99% of email deployment time.

DocuFire Advantage - Latest technology (Uses MS SQL and latest Microsoft Dot Net development)

DocuFire is written in the latest technology, uses Microsoft SQL Server for its own database, and runs all programs as a Windows Services providing stability, reliability and compatibility for many years to come.

  • Other messaging solutions are written in antiquated technologies that are end of life technologies.
  • DocuFire Server system runs as Windows Services meaning you do not have to have a Windows user logged in order for the program to run. Other messaging solutions require their server-side application to be run as a Windows program (with a user logged in and the program running as a regular application).
  • Programs running in the Windows User Shell context are subject to frequent crashes, complexities with reboots, security vulnerabilities and are not very reliable.
DocuFire's modern architecture and ensures reliable operation.


Can DocuFire process forms automatically?

Yes, DocuFire can be configured to automatically send the document(s) without user intervention, simply press print and the document get sent using your setup defaults.

DocuFire is the number one communications solution for Dynamics SL, you'll be amazed how good this solution is! Call us today for more information +1 (416) 977-1080.

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