DocuFire SMTP Relay Service

DocuFire SMTP Relay Service takes away the headache of managing your outbound document emailing infrastructure. Our service offers many features to ensure email delivery and make things easier when emails fail to be delivered.

Bounce Management

DocuFire's hosted SMTP Relay automatically pushes bounced emails back into DocuFire where they are automatically re-cued under Delivery Errors for easy re-transmittal. Users simply click a button and they can immediately handle the problem without having to search and search and search and reprint, etc..

DKIM Signing

Domain Key Identified Mail is today's gold standard for sending email. The process basically involves digitally signing your emails with a secret key that can only be decrypted by a public key that you publish in your organizations public DNS.

DocuFire SMTP digitally signs each message and when large carriers such as Office 365, GMAIL, Apple, Yahoo etc receive your message and see is it digitally signed and verified by your domain public key, it provides assurance that this message originated from your organization 100%.

Out of Office

The dreaded barrage of Out-of-Office replies when sending documents consumes your accounting departments every day and all day long in many cases.

Because DocuFire SMTP service handles the bounced emails it makes it feasible to implement a email address for sending bulk mailing.

Email replies can be routed to a special mailbox rather than bothering your staff all day long. Users that implement this method typically add a message in the body of the email "Do not reply to this email, please send inquiries to".

No Volume Restrictions

Many SMTP providers such as Office 365 impose limits on sending and will block your messages from being sent. DocuFire SMTP has no such restrictions.

Anti-Spam Legislature

DocuFire SMTP automatically inserts a List-unsubscribe to message headers for Direct Marketing campaigns thereby aiding in your compliance with Anti-Spam legislature and large carrier requirements. Furthermore an Unsubscribe email link is automatically generated in the message body and recipients can conveniently click and email an unsubscribe request to our service. The unsubscribe request is automatically digested by our SMTP portal and subsequent Direct Marketing emails to that email address will be automatically blocked.

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